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Bing is a next-gen Scottish artist, currently living in Brighton UK. All Bing's abstract work is first painted using heat-sensitive oils on separate plates of glass, then the masters are scanned into a unique grading software that allows pure light injection. The plates are organized in a way that enables the masters to be printed in various sizes without any distortion using a dye-sublimation technique employing 400f degrees of heat transfer to ChromaLuxe
ChromaLuxe is highly resilient and need no extra glass, acrylic, lamination, or coating to protect them making them suitable for interior and exterior. The artwork has a built-in frame subframe ready for hanging.
In 2016 Bing won the Master of Art International Prize. In 2017 he opened his own gallery in the UK but has recently closed it permanently due to the current worldwide situation. Bing is keen to push the boundaries of 21 Century art, he's in the process of converting all his work into NTFs, which can be bought separately, or linked to the physical art.

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