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Is it possible to have the artwork printed to a specific size?

Answer: Yes. The dye-sublimation process allows the artwork to be resized without losing any quality. At the moment the largest print can be 40x70 inches, this can be resized smaller to say: 36x63 - 30x52. A 40x40 inch print could be reduced to 35x35, 30x30, or any size in between. Anything is possible. 

Do I need to have the artwork framed?

Answer: No, all of Bing's artwork has a built-in subframe ready to hang. They do not need a frame or glass protection. They are UV and waterproof protected making them ideal to display indoors, or outdoors, and also suitable for ocean-going vessels. The subframe gives rigidity and support against warping. The subframe also provides a visible space between the mounted work and the wall, giving a 3-dimensional floating presence with a modern drop shadow beneath. 

How is the artwork made?

Answer: ChromaLuxe Fine Art printing uses a process called ‘dye sublimation’ to fuse the artwork onto special aluminium panels.  The term ‘sublimation’ describes the transition of a substance (in this case, the special inks) directly from the solid to the gas phase without becoming a liquid first.

The 8 dye sublimation inks we use consist of a solid and heat-intensive dye. The artwork is first printed as a Giclee print using these inks, onto transfer paper, which is then applied to a specially coated 1.2mm aluminium panel. Using both heat and pressure the dye particles change into a gas, bond with the polymers in the aluminium, and then change back into a solid state; fusing the image and aluminium together.

What weight is the average weight of the artwork?

Answer: The artwork is mastered to aluminium panels which are extremely lightweight. They range from 2-4 kilos

Do you ship internationally?

Answer: Yes! With clients around the world, we’ve shipped our client's work Internationally.  Our bespoke crating is ideal for large items and international delivery – ensuring your work is packaged to perfection and protected until it reaches its destination.

Is ChromaLuxe artwork suitable to hang outdoors?

Answer: Yes,  They are even suitable to display underwater.

If you have any questions about the process Bing will gladly explain:            info@

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